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X Theme Pro: How to display post tags at the end of posts

I am using the  X Theme Pro Ethos Stack on my X Theme Pro development site, and tags I entered were not displaying on...

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Power Strip Tower – Surge Protector Electric Charging Station, by LOVIN PRODUCT

Purchasing the Surge Protector Electric Charging Station Power Strip Tower, by LOVIN PRODUCT, was my second foray into buying a non-traditional power strip. The...

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JNews Theme: Front End Submission – How to make the Last Name field optional rather than required

Note: The steps below are no longer necessary as of JNews version 7.0.3.  Beginning in version 7.0.3 the last name field is optional.   In this...

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Homestead Brooklyn: model creates urban forest in her NYC flat

Summer Rayne Oakes moved to New York City as a model, not expecting it to be permanent, but she has now lived In the...

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Cantilevered containers become popup housing for NYC creators

This is a very interesting and informative video that shows what it is like to live in a container that has been repurposed to...

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net communicator and sites creator.  I enjoy surfing the net, photography and creating online spaces to communicate.  I am working on expanding my creativity!

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